Fast 3 way charger upgrade kit

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The sealed Charger Damper cartridge from RockShox has a significant performance improvement over their previous offerings. First used on the Pike fork in 2014, the Charger is now fitted to the Lyrik and high end Boxxer Team and World Cup forks.

However, whilst it outperforms it predecessor it still has flaws. At Fast Suspension we undertook rigorous testing on this product and our observations were:-
1. The low speed compression range is limited as: of the 15 positions available, only the first 5 (from the completely closed position) have any impact. After these first 5 positions very little actually changes.
2. The recovery of the fork in the transition between compression and rebound is not adequate due to the compression piston and check design.
3. The ports of compression piston are enormous and regardless of the valve specification the compression characteristic will only vary marginally.

Our research and testing of this product concluded that by re-designing the cartridge we could maximise performance for our customers. By incorporating a simple low speed compression adjustment and specific valve set for each rider, we could deliver a bespoke level performance that massively exceeds that of the standard RockShox specification. Also by altering the design of the piston check shim assembly the forks transition period is no longer hindered. And finally by giving a more usable range of damping each rider now has a full range of adjustment that is effective, rather that the 5 positions of 15 available from stock that are actually useful.

The result…. we have developed a solution which transforms the Charger cartridge. Our HiLo damper kit gives a full range of 24 clicks, low and high speed compression that is both accurate and effective in use.