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Following two years of research, development and testing we believe that we have designed something very special. We didn’t want to just release another damper to the mountain bike market; we wanted to offer the best performance possible with it. From a technical point of view, we opted for a single tube design and then focused our efforts on the main piston, a key feature of our product. Our piston "twin stage" (Patent pending), offers an exceptional sensitivity to tracking while maintaining control and consistency over high speed impacts. Furthermore, our piston eliminates a major flaw of the conventional mono-tube design. This is that the impact of the rebound adjustment affects the compression. The “twin stage” piston gives us 100% independent adjustment of these settings.

The choice of surface treatment is also extremely important. In the search for perfection we opted not to follow the classic "hard layer" treatment for the body and the canister. Instead, we worked on reducing friction in these areas by applying a hard coat treatment with PTFE impregnation. By selecting the DLC option available for the main piston shaft, friction will be further reduced. This selection is well worth the extra cost as it reduces the coefficient of friction by half compared to the chrome shaft option.

The seals used are also extremely important. We have not used a simple O-ring for the seal head but instead a composite seal that generates less friction and can reach shaft speeds of up to 5 meters per second. We are providing a bespoke solution for every customer as each damper is assembled. This is dependant on bike, riding style/ discipline, weight and preference. Each damper must also pass a strict quality control assessment before shipment. It is truly is made to measure!