Fast Rock Shox compression upgrade kit

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The FAST "compression kit" was developed for the Rock Shox Yari, Boxxer, Revelation 2018 and 
replaces the original, plastic-made compression damping unit.
Due to the design, the compression kit is already much more reliable
than the original component. The setting button can be used to set the
LowSpeed ​​compression level. In addition, the high-speed compression can be
adjusted via a "shim stack" inside. A significant increase in suspension
performance and overall fork performance is cited by many as a major
benefit of the compression kit. Suitable for all Yari, Boxxer and Revelation 2018 models independent of travel Compression Kit replace the motion control unit. Weight: 85 grams Exchange in no time possible. We also recommend replacing the oil when changing. Link to the matching damping oil 5W

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